Monday, March 19, 2018

I Am So Tired!

Those were the words I heard Sunday 3/18/18 from my best friend, Harold. We’ve been friends for over 55 years ever since childhood. He has been fighting brain cancer for 4 long years dealing with several surgeries, radiation and chemo. His left eye and left nostril were taken and even a part of his skull. We all thought that the last surgery on his skull would give him some pain relief. Harold normally talks until I tell him I’m getting off the phone. Well, not this time, he was in so much pain that he felt ready to leave this world.  It even pained him to talk. I didn't have much to say, one reason was that I had to strain to hear him. He had been this way all week and his body was tired.

"I am so tired" were the words my mother told me before she passed. How naive of me to think that I would ask her to lay down and get some rest. She quickened me lovingly that she meant something much deeper. Something that I had always denied to myself, that my mother would live forever. Not long after that, she passed on Monday, the day after Easter, March 24, 2008. Easter was one of her favorite holidays.  In fact, mom's 10th year anniversary will be March 24, 2018, this year.

I miss you, mom! Thank you for the wonderful years!

Dorothy and Harold, you are forever in my prayers!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Silence Will Not Make You Invisible!

Has anyone noticed that in this new political climate that if a subject isn't discussed, it must not exist? Key members in the current administration have resigned due to domestic violence where the ex-wives were physically abused, but their lives“are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation.” Allegations? Allegations supported by court documents are no longer allegations. My fault, this comes from the person who alleged that President Obama is Kenyan. And having the gaul to expectorate due process for these abusers is absolutely pitiful. He ( The Name I Can No Longer Mention) actually encouraged division is responsible for doing the work of the Russians because his collusion with them does not exist. And if he doesn't talk about it, it didn't happen. Afterall, being silent is acceptance. Don't speak out against the wrongs happening towards others, it might happen to you. If no one else speaks out for the silent voices, don't expect anyone to speak out for you.

Respect to Rand Paul for questioning the passing of the high federal budget deal that Republicans did not want to pass under President Obama.  Hypocrisy at its finest! Or, something else? Perception or discernment?

Always keeping Dorothy & Harold in my prayers.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Shame, shame, shame!

I have been more than slack in posting. I held my emotions in check because the recent political atmosphere and attitudes towards each other disrespectful and disappointing. We have a new President that seems to promote separatism and inequality. He can look a person directly in the eye and fabricate any story he wishes. What makes this worse is he expects you to believe the lie because his minions already do! No one has questioned his not showing his tax returns. Why? Didn't this same person bug out on President Obama to show his? He is supported by the party that Lincoln made and Ronald Reagan grew, yet, the party that represents the family is driving the American "family" apart. Now do you understand why I have stopped blogging, D? I'm disgusted how people can't see the distraction this man is doing to keep us away from from a possible Russian collusion. Obviously, color does matter. He has the nerve to call the Democrats "Obstructionists." Does anyone remember that the Republicans met to be that way towards President Obama? What a bunch of hypocrites!  Put the party before the country!  Echoes of past mottoes from fallen legacies! Now we seem to have senators editing signed documents. Interesting enough, the news media may not be fake but seems to fall short on follow up. Or is the Russian bots a part of this future news media? Maybe the moguls in the media are in beholding to someone like the President is and I am not talking about citizens of this country.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Love you, mom! 9 Years have flown by! Miss you!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Buzzwords & Triggers

“Tomlin just added himself to a list of “No good (N-Word), “Another “ungrateful” black multi-millionaire, “Throw the Son of a Bitch out”, “thugs.” Wow, the more time change, the more it remains the same. These were words spoken from a fire chief, congressman, president and anyone else who want to describe certain ethnic groups. 

It is depressing to hear the same words that were spoken decades ago. Someone spread a rumor years ago that racism is dead because America elected a Black President. Others believed that a minority president will divide America. It appeared that America was off balance and out of harmony. Instead, America became more peaceful and tolerant towards others. Of course, there were pockets of hate that raised their ugly heads, but were met with peace and love.

Buzzwords and triggers. Words used by some people in position, meant to divide and destroy. Statements made that do not need apologies, because apologies would show signs of weakness. But, it was really meant to be said, the apology is for saying it out loud? There is too much negativity in the social media, news media, home and work for the sake of the dollar. It is beginning to affect us all directly and indirectly, consciously and subconsciously.

This may be a cleverly designed smokescreen to take the focus off of some of our leaders by looking for allies anywhere they can find them, even it means turning against your friends calling their bluff. (NFL Owners vs the players). You can bluff them with fear of their players, deep inside who is afraid of Robert Mueller's findings? 

I am a proud veteran of the U.S. military forces. Our brothers and sisters in arms sacrificed their lives to ensure that the Stars and Stripes wave freely. Blood was shared so that all Americans can exercise their rights freely, whether we like their demonstrations or not. But, let’s not confuse this story about the NFL disgracing the flag with equal rights. Those who have ears, listen! The words mentioned above cleverly disguise the fact that all men are still not equal. Politicians are using this confusion to pit Americans against each other. Why don’t we all take a knee and pray!

Thanks, Dorothy. You, Harold and others are always in my prayers.

Monday, August 21, 2017